• Join Us in Philadelphia for "Embodied Ritual, Embodied Writing"

    On May 1st, Ritualwell will host a ritual-based writing workshop and poetry performance in Philadelphia. Register now!

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  • All Are Welcome at this Seder

    A Passover blessing for friends and family of other faiths

  • The Four Girls Within Us

    Reimagining the four children archetypes at the Passover seder

  • Recipe for a Joyous Passover

    Bring joy. Bring wonder. Forget what you think you know...


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I am invincible! I am woman! Hear me roar as I chuck, heave, and unclutter my life, determined to make space—for what, I’m not sure. 

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The Passover celebration described in this celebration kit will offer users solace, joy, and a sense of community. Even very impaired...

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